The Walker Between Worlds

A Relic Co-Constructed by Danaan and the heirs of Erindyr in the First Age


Still Secret


This artifact is made of an unknown metal, silver, shot through with bands of red and black that seem to swirl and shift upon its surface. The thing is cast in the shape of a great dragon-like creature with no tail, but a head on either end of its body. In its current form, in the treasuer hoard of King Hamrys Wytherian of Lanyr, the Walker Between Worlds is as tall as two full grown men and as long as three warhorses standing end to end.

Working hand in hand, the Danaan and the heirs of Erindyr created the fantastic item known as the Walker Between Worlds in the Age of the Phoenix (part of the Second Age of Abred). Little is known about this artifact, save that it serves as a means by which to travel the Grey Roads with greater freedom, speed, and safety than any other known method.

The Walker Between Worlds

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