Some History

The World of Abred has undergone significant events which account for the current geography, cultures, and races found here today. Below are some key events, listed chronologically from oldest to most recent Scholars date the history of Abred according to two major epochs, Pre-Sundering (PS) and After Sundering (AS).

PS 5000 Artifacts of divine origin, the oldest evidence of pre-danaan activity on Abred, are dated at around this time. Some scholars claim that weapons found in the underground city of Tor-Kalyl are evidence of the early seeds of the Great War of Tharin , a war between deities which occured nearly 5000 years later,

PS 3000 First written record of Avanquost (elven) culture, the leaves of Fyriel.

PS 2500 Frst dwarven artifacts. Approximate date for the genesis of the Halgaar stronghold of Stoneguard.

PS 2250 Proto-Orcs created by Varax, out of envy for Gwyn-Ap-Nudd’s danaan children, and to a lesser degree, envy for Govnu’s (Dwarven name Khal) dwarves, and Flidais’ (Halfling name Fildar) brindlings.

PS 2000 Storming of Valinquost by Varaxian Blood Orcs. The Death of the danaan king Vanyr Avarian sows the seeds of the Great War to come.

PS 1000 Brindlings and gnomes first encountered by danaan, though Gnomes claim to have lived in Dunn-Dunnkle for thousands of years in secrecy before this point.

PS 750-AS0 The great war of Tharin. Waged between Varax and Gwyn-Ap-Nudd, with demons, orcs, and goblins fighting fey, danaan, birindlings and gnomes fighting for their respective deities. Other gods varied in their level of involvement. Most remained neutral, though some sided with Varax at first (particularly Pwyll and Domnu). Eventually though, all gods turned against Varax when his intent to become the Overlord of Abred became clear. The war culminated in a series of cataclysmic disasters, the shattering of the Pangaeaic landmass of Abred and the near-extinction of all life on the planet.

AS 0-1000 The age of Gloom and Shadow. A stark period after the sundering, when the children of the gods struggled to survive. With most traces of pre-sundering cultures literally ripped apart of buried beneath the ground, the races of Abred found themselves without their ancestral homelands, their lifeways sundered along with the land, facing a harsh and unforgiving world.

Most races were decimated or worse during the sundering, and many more died lost and alone in a devastated and bleak world. The worldwide disasters that shattered the land druing the sundering left Abred an inhospitable world during this time—smoke and ash choked the air, and great floods destroyed the homes of many, and nearly destroyed their way of life altogether,

AS 1000-2500 The age of the Phoenix. A time of rebuilding. Most races found new homes or salvaged what remained of their pre-Sundering homelands during the age of the Phoenix. The world itself slowly recovered from the environmental disasters of the Sundering. Blue skies returned, no longer a thing solely found in memories or dreams, and green growing things thrived on the land once more.

AS 2500-present (appx 2550) The age of Heroes.* Great champions among the elves, dwarves, brindlings, and gnomes rebuild and rediscover much of what was lost in the Sundering. But not all that lies buried is goodly, and this age is sometimes known as the age of Warning Whispers, for many fear that the evils of Varax may rise again.

  • Wise folk among the peoples of Abred see the age of heroes as the dawn of a third epoch, likely to prove comparable in scope and impact to the other two epochs (P.S. and A.S)

Some History

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