Secret of the Scarlet Door

Secret of the Scarlet Door Adventure Log

World of Abred Adventure Log

The adventure begins in the small northern village of Haven’s Hold. The Northern Kingdoms is something of a frontier, bordered by the 5 kingdoms (Lanyr, Camyria, Endylmyr, Kordryn, and Dunning) to the south, and the Stonehold Foothills and Norwald Forest to the north.

The town itself is part of a loose alliance of villages known as “The Circle,” which include Raven’s Roost, Haven’s Hold, and Myldyr.

Recently, strange, half-human shapes have been seen wandering near the Ebonmyr Lake and the Bramblewood, and sightings have been reported progressively closer to town. Seers and Soothsayers whisper of an ancient evil and the night wind seems to blow a little colder these days…

You have met in Haven’s Hold, and the tales told by the fire and the whispers heard round the bar this chill winter’s eve may be more than mere fantasy…

Hello and welcome to the village of Haven’s Hold on the continent of Cordryn. To the East stand the Feldspar Hills, which stretch in a great crescent slowly northward and eventually rise into the distant peaks of the Stoneguard Mountains. To the South lie the shining southern kingdoms, now under dominion of the Varaxian Empire; once wild folk like those of the north, the southerners have grown fat and soft within the emperor’s walls. To the west, wild marches stretch on, for leagues uncounted, before, it is said, the land gives way to the sea, where great stones shoot skyward like the citadels of some forgotten city, now sunken beneath the emerald waves.
And to the north, between the mountains and the villages of the Wyldarfolk, lies the Bramblewood.
Little is known of this place, save that elders among the druids and bards whisper that danaans still walk above-ground in this place, making the great wild wood the last bastion of that shining and ancient race.
But there are whispers of darker things in the wood as well…
As of late, many folk in the Wyldar Villages of Caerth, Raven’s Roost, and Haven’s Hold have died from a terrible plague, known by many as the black scythe. Great healers among the druids and priests of Dana, and among the greatest loremasters of the bards and filids, say that the only cure to this disease must lie somewhere in the Bramblewood. So say the whispering caws of Old Raven and the wind-song that sings in the trees by full moon’s light…
Elder Dhomhnaill’s eyes flashed in the firelight as he looked calmly but intently upon those assembled. Sparks flew from the fire, bright orange cinders crackling as they shot for an instant hot and bright into the cool night air. Above, a new sickle moon shone and many stars glowed bright and clear through wisps of cloud that spanned like strands of a spider’s web throughout the cold night sky.
“So you have come to hear a tale of our people. Of the way things were before the good folk vanished and the firbolg were driven underground.” His tone made the question a statement.
“Very well,” he said, after pausing to watch the crackle and spark of the flames in the Great Hearth fire, “But be forewarned: though this tale tells of faeries and dragons and many things unknown to us today, it is no child’s tale to fascinate, no swaddling’s story to bring joy to the young and faint of heart. This is faerie tale, but it is no thing for a child’s ears…”


great writing, I really enjoy the names


Thanks! P.S. Post your character under characters when you get a chance!


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