Secret of the Scarlet Door

Some More Catching Up

After an unexpected delay in the subterranean city of Magrafaelt, the heroes finally reached the outskirts of Lanyr by traveling along the Grey Roads and passing through a gate stone (Dolmen)resting atop a nearby landmark known as Gloaming Hill.

A shadowy shape pursued the party through the gate stone and swept past them on ebon wings—apparently headed for the city of Lanyr.

After discovering the wreckage left in the thing’s wake—a village laid waste by the creatures passage—the party arrived at Lanyr by boat (obtained from one of Frizzle’s pouches). The party investigated at a tavern known as the Drunken Dragon and learned of much evil transpiring in Lanyr, seemingly centered at the King’s Tower, Vyntirum Keep. These rumors were soon corroborated when the party spotted the king’s soldiers battling shadowy forms atop the keep’s ramparts and decided to investigate the matter further.

Once inside Vytnirum Keep, the party found that the shadowy creatures had not only killed many f the king’s soldiers, but had also somehow possessed them—turning them against one another so that kindred in battle died upon their own brothers’ blades.

At long last, the party fought their way to the top of the tower where they faced off against the shadowy winged creature that had followed them through the dolmen gate. Mimnyn recognized the creature as a Dorchadas, a servitor of Shalgorath (one aspect of the Varax in his shadow form). After a pitched battle in the king’s own treasure chamber, the heroes slew the Dorchadas and finally, long leagues and weeks of questing behind them, the heroes fitted the magical eyes into the ancient metal dragon relic known as the Walker Between Worlds, bringing the thing to life.



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