Secret of the Scarlet Door

The First Council of Whitethorn

Upon hearing the clamor of guards mustering in the tower below, and acting on Doctor Zulgaz’s advice, the party flees Vyntirum Keep riding upon the Walker Between Worlds. The party sojourns with many powerful personages, representatives of the good folk of Abred.

Present are Caomhain Brighteyes, the high druid and fili of Wylanqost forest, defender of the Great Bear Spirit of Wylanqost, Fionyr the White; Doctor Zulgaz, leader of the smelter’s resistance in Magrafaelt; Arch Druid Aidon, from the loose alliance of northern villages known as the Circle; Eirenwyld, danaan king of the Aevynqost; Brecca, earthmother and wisewoman of the Bramblewood; Borghast, war chieftain of the nordmen; and Frazunk Frazunnkle, grand crafter of the delvers and erstwhile mentor to Frizzle Undermound.

The party learns that the Red Queen is but one of four aspects and servitors of Varax. Each servitor represents a corrupted form of the four basic elements. The Red Queen herself represents corrupted water (Blood) the others being Ash, Bone, and Shadow.

The great council decides that the party should retrieve a weapon capable of battling the foresakers, rather than charging blindly into the Grey Roads upon the Walker between Worlds to pursue the Red Queen. Though most among the council still believe the heroes must eventually enter the Otherworld and seek out the foresakers in their own realm, slay them once and for all.

The party finds the great bear Fionyr sorely wounded by servitors of Cinderhorn, strange dragonlike creatures that explode into clouds of cinder when slain. In a mighty battle, the heroes save the bear from certain death and vanquish the wretched dragonlings.

The party then travels to the home of the Ash foresaker, the mountain known as Cinderhorn Peak, which is, in fact, the horn of the sleeping foresaker dragon Cinderhorn herself.

After mustering a small but ready band of mercenaries from the nearby (and unfortunate) town of Ruined Rill, the party adventures deep into Cinderhorn peak to face one of the ancient dragon’s heirs, a vile young dragon known as Shradagach, who is bent on wakening his mother.

The party interrupts a ritual led by Shradagach and kills many dragon cultists in the process. In a heroic feat, Creagh Leon and Frizzle the Delver distract the dragon and cultists while MimNym the druidess shapeshifts into bat form and steals the hilt of Námhaid-Marbath, the slayer of enemies.

Now the party returns to Whitethorn to seek counsel on the next step in their quest to drive back the mounting tide of darkness.



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