Secret of the Scarlet Door

Catching Up

The party faced off against faerie folk turned ghouls and one of the Red Queen’s warrior-elite recently risen from the tomb. They also managed to piece together a bit more of the puzzle of the stones and discovered that they possess the eyes of the walker-between-worlds—an ancient relic now kept in the human city of Lanyr.

After an an arduous battle with the Scarlet Queen, the heroes escape through a secret door discovered beneath the evil monarch’s throne. Thark and Creagh’leon are badly wounded, but thanks to the tender ministrations of Minnynn and Brecca the party survives intact. -———————————————————————————————————————————————

Next, the party explores the Maze of Miyala—a twisting labyrinth of thorns peopled by servants of the Mad Witch Miyala herself. Overcoming numerous challenges laid before them, including riddles, strangling vines, and illusory giants, the party arrives at last in the Mad Witch’s chambers. Miyala seems terrified and helpless when directly confronted and the heroes find within her tower a gate to the Otherworld. -———————————————————————————————————————————————
Following insights gleaned from the Red Priest’s records and the counsel of the wise woman Brecca, the companions plan to travel the Grey Roads to the capital city of Lanyr where they hope to find an ancient relic known as “The Walker Between Worlds,” a dragon-like, mystical construct crafted by fae and humans millennia ago, before the shattering. This relic should carry them safely to the Otherworld where the party can confront the Red Queen and other rising threats in their own domain…



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