From the shining Southern Kingdoms to the Northern Wastes, the World of Abred is a land of high fantasy and adventure. Your journey begins in the small, frontier town of Haven’s Hold, but the world beyond beckons to the bold and the brave.

Sorry to start with this, but before I post the first entry I need to post the… (drumroll please)

Legal Statement: By posting in this campaign or accessing the pages enclosed herein, you agree to the following terms:

All originally created material posted in this game thread shall remain the sole property of its original owner(s). Terms, place names including but not limited to “World of Abred,” “Tharyn,” “Stonehold Mountains,” “Danaan” (as it is used in this context) etc. as well any maps, images, etc. created by the DM (username “Hallstadt”) shall remain his sole property and may not be reproduced, edited, or transmitted, electronically or otherwise, without his express permission.

The above applies, of course, to all players’ names, posts, etc, except where this might infringe on the legal terms already laid out by the entity known as Obsidian Portal.

(I know this may seem paranoid, guys, but I am writing a book set in this same world and may publish this setting as a generic RP supplement in the near future. I know—everyone and their Grandma-ma is writing a book, but mine is almost done and I actually think it might see print (I’m up to around 80k words).

Secret of the Scarlet Door

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